2-4 months

APPLICATION | The Candidate submits NavMissions assessment materials (application, references, and background history questionnaire). The Receiver submits materials (job description, budget).

These materials are then reviewed by NavMissions and a decision is made regarding invitation to DISCOVERY.

DISCOVERY | The Candidate makes travel plans to attend DISCOVERY in Colorado Springs (see upcoming dates below), including developmental training, group interactions, and break-out discussions with NavMissions staff and counselors. Upon completion of DISCOVERY, candidates can expect

  • relationships: candidates get to know the people of NavMissions and the organization as a whole. NavMissions staff also get to know the candidates.
  • next steps: we help candidates identify developmental areas and the next steps and resources to address those areas.
  • confirmation: together we seek God’s confirmation of the fit between the candidate and the specific role being applied for. This results in a decision of 1) Yes, 2) Yes, with conditions, 3) Wait, or 4) No.
Click here to download common questions and answers about DISCOVERY.