The message of Jesus transcends every barrier between people if their hearts are open to listen. We found that even though we have completely different backgrounds, our common ground with Christ helped us build very close friendships almost immediately with the Namibian Navigators.



A big thing God laid on my heart was the idea of truly laying down my life for the gospel...It was so cool to get a glimpse of what that would look like while living in Argentina. It states so clearly in the Bible that we are to carry the burdens of others, and God has given me a desire to carry their burdens by living life with those people.



Whenever someone asks me how my summer was, I always tell them how incredible it is to see how God works in another part of the world...The work there is so much slower than it is here, but God is still at work, even if we can't see the immediate results.



No, the band likely won't be performing "We Are Young" on your short-term trip, but your experience in another country and culture is going to be an adventure.



The Navs have a true grip on short term missions. My team came in with the attitude of furthering what the long-term missionary was doing, not trying to start our own program. This mindset gave us the abilitiy to expand what he was doing in a sustainable way. The team training helped my team a lot with relating to one another.


The short-term missions experience

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