Dominican Republic - South Central
May 30 - June 26

Come to Santo Domingo for 4 weeks to initiate relationships with college students, share the Gospel, pray for a new generation of disciples and disciple-makers, and be part of what God is doing in the Dominican Republic!

In a city with hundreds of thousands of college students, there are many who still do not understand the Good News of Jesus or how the Gospel has the power to transform lives. So we invite you to come and join us in reaching out and helping to expand a growing Navigator ministry here!

A major emphasis will be meeting college students and connecting new contacts to long-term staff. Activities will include: prayer walks on college campuses, initiating conversations about Jesus and the gospel in Spanish, studying the Bible, hanging out with students, and learning about the beautiful Dominican culture!

Most Dominicans speak only Spanish. Participants need to have conversational Spanish ability and be willing to step out in faith with language.