Theater in Central Asia 2018
June 1 - August 1; September 1 - December 10

Are you a male actor or theater person who would like to use your talent and experience in ministry overseas? Then we have two opportunities for you!

We are an English Language theater group working in Central Asia. We produce high quality theater productions and the ministry aspect is with the actors involved, rather than the content of the performance itself. The ministry results come through the deep relationships built with the actors throughout the process of the production.

Project 1:

The project will either be a summer theater tour around a Central Asian country or it will be a summer theater festival that takes place in that same central Asian country. No local language required!

Need: one male actor

Time Commitment: June - August, 2017

Project 2:

This project is a full-length play (most likely a Christmas play- musical or straight play) No local language required!

Need: a theater director (male or female) to direct this play

Time Commitment: September - December, 2017