Study Abroad Lithuania
1-2 semesters

Study Abroad Lithuania is an amazing cross-cultural experience that allows students to be fully immersed in the international community of LCC International University for a semester or summer term. You will be studying – in English – with students from countries with unique histories and unique current political situations. Your daily interaction will challenge you to grow and learn in a completely different way than you would at a North American university.

And since LCC students come from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds, you will experience Christianity outside of the Western context, living and learning with Protestant, Roman Catholic, Russian Orthodox, and non-religious students. As a part of the program you will explore four new countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Russia), as well as any other countries you wish to visit in your free time.

All of your expenses, including the trips, a monthly stipend for food and entertainment, and your textbooks are included in the cost of the semester.

If you have specific questions or would like to begin the process for study abroad, please contact A semester in Europe could be only a few months away!

For more information about the program, or to apply online, visit the website: