Boaz Summer Internship 2018
July 15 - August 15

Apply your skills to real-world problem-solving in this tropical nation.

Under the supervision of experienced leaders, work to address poverty, create value, and enhance the welfare of individuals, groups, and communities in the context of agribusiness. Successful candidates will meet the following requirements:

1. Education and/or experience in one or more of the following fields: engineering, food science, business administration, marketing, management information systems, supply chain management, international business, agriculture, horticulture, economics, graphic design, computer networking, website design, communications, etc.

2. Educational attainment of at least a bachelors degree, although well-qualified university seniors or others with practical work experience will also be considered.

3. Funding in place to meet the expected budget for the program.

4. Willingness to share with other group members personal experiences, reflections and observations.

5. Commitment to participate in scheduled conference calls prior to departure for the field, which will shape the scope, the methods, the activities and the deliverables of the project.