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Open to All
Cross-Cultural Internships

These opportunities are not specific to one particular region, but are open to all applicants. Consider joining one of these trips and recruiting some friends to go with you!

Unless otherwise noted, students and staff on "Open to All" trips will most likely attend the Short Term Orientation that is closest to their location.

3 Things to Know Before You Apply

1. Please only apply for one trip. If your first choice of a trip doesn't work out, we will contact you to discuss other possible trips or options.

2. To participate in one of our overseas trips, you must be a U.S. citizen or have a green card. If you don't have either of those, please contact us at before applying.

3. After submitting your application, you'll need to send in your application fee based on when your application was submitted: through November 18 is early bird $10; November 19 through December 15 is $30; December 16 through January 20 is late fee $60.

Summer Opportunities Open to All

World RegionCountry DescriptionDurationTeam SizeTrip CostUS Navigator Region
Central Asia Central AsiaTheater in Central AsiaJune 1 - August 1; September 1 - December 101-2$3,000 Open to All
Europe EnglandManchester International OutreachJuly 1 - July 151-10$3,600 Open to All
Eurasia EurasiaGO Eurasia 2017July 20178-10$4,800 Open to All
Asia-Pacific JapanSIJ-SendaiJune 12 - July 284-6$5,400 Open to All
Europe LithuaniaStudy Abroad1-2 semesters1+$0 Open to All
Europe LithuaniaEducational Development InitiativeJuly 3 - 291-7$2,600 Open to All
Middle East - North Africa Middle East - North AfricaEducational Development InitiativeJuly 1 - August 152-8$3,500 Open to All
Europe NorwayNorway 2017June 10 - July 156-10$4,500 Open to All
Africa UgandaUganda Summer InternshipJune 12 - July 314-10$4,900 Open to All
North America USAD4D AtlantaJanuary 2018 - June 20186$7,250 Open to All