Summer Impact Japan: Shizuoka 2018
May 23 - July 23

Share your life with Japanese college students while participating in an established campus ministry in Shizuoka called BEST Club (Bible, English, Sports, Travel).

Through time and shared experiences, developing deep and loving relationships with students will be the primary way of advancing the Gospel.

Japanese, German, and American Navigator staff will assist with an initial orientation to the culture and local ministry, as well as provide ministry skills development, support, and encouragement throughout the summer. Weekly activities will include participation and leadership in various BEST club activities such as Bible discussions, English conversations, sports & games, short trips, and other fun activities. Living in share houses with Japanese students and Navigator staff will provide opportunities for servanthood, initiation, and a real glimpse into daily life in Japan. Lifelong friendships with teammates will be established through a weekly team day including: team Bible study, group prayer, and other team-building activities.

An emphasis on personal reflection, prayer, and extended time with God will also be prioritized. The summer will conclude with a staff-guided debrief.