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Short-Term Opportunities
Less than 6 months

These summer trips are designed to show prospective cross-cultural laborers the realities of the non-American world and, more specifically, the realities of advancing the gospel of Jesus and his kingdom cross-culturally. Check out our FAQs and What to Expect for NavMissions Short-Term trips.

Trips for 2018 will be actively approved and posted to this page over the next few weeks. Please check the website again within the next week for updated trip information and live trip applications.

Please begin praying and considering whether God would send you on a Short-Term trip in 2018.

Please contact with any questions or fill out this form to be notified when a trip application goes live.

3 Things to Know Before You Apply

1. Please only apply for one trip. If your first choice of a trip doesn't work out, we will contact you to discuss other possible trips or options.

2. To participate in one of our overseas trips, you must be a U.S. citizen or have a green card. If you don't have either of those, please contact us at before applying.

3. After submitting your application, you'll need to send in your application fee based on when your application was submitted: 

- EARLY BIRD DEADLINE through October 31 - $10
- REGULAR DEADLINE November 1 through December 20 - $30
- LATE APPLICATION DEADLINE WAVE 1, December 21 through January 20 - $60
- LATE APPLICATION DEADLINE WAVE 2, December 21 through February 20 - $60

Short Term Opportunities

 World RegionCountry DescriptionDurationTeam SizeTrip CostUS Navigator Region


 Africa KenyaKenya 2018May 20 - June 252-12$5,300 Mid-Atlantic
 Africa RwandaSummer Rural Outreach 2018August 10-314-6$3,000 Open to All
 Africa UgandaUganda 2018June - July5-10$5,000 Open to All


 Asia-Pacific CambodiaCambodia 2018Late June - Early August4-20$4,700 Mid-America
 Asia-Pacific East AsiaCV Rocky Mountain 2018May 15 - June 306$4,500 Rocky Mountain
 Asia-Pacific JapanSIJ-Utsunomiya 2018Late May - Late July2-4$5,400 Florida
 Asia-Pacific JapanSIJ-Sendai 2018June 9 - July 284$5,000 Open to All
 Asia-Pacific JapanSIJ-Fukuoka 2018Late May - Late July4-6$5,500 Upper Midwest
 Asia-Pacific JapanSIJ-Shizuoka 2018May 23 - July 235-7$5,400 Central Plains
 Asia-Pacific JapanSIJ-Tokyo 2018June 18 - August 112-6$5,600 Sunland
 Asia-Pacific PhilippinesPhilippines Summer 2018June 23 - July 235-7$4,600 Sunland
 Asia-Pacific Southeast AsiaSea Tribes IL/IN 2018June 25 - July 224-8$4,500 Illinois/Indiana
 Asia-Pacific Southeast AsiaSea Tribes - South Central 2018June 25 - July 224-10$4,500 South Central
 Asia-Pacific Southeast AsiaCoastal City Outreach 2018June 1 - July 1516$4,900 Blue Ridge
 Asia-Pacific Southeast AsiaThe Journey - Central Plains 2018May 17 - July 88$3,950 Central Plains
 Asia-Pacific Southeast AsiaBoaz Summer Internship 2018July 15 - August 152-4$4,000 Open to All
 Asia-Pacific Southeast AsiaSoutheast Asia Elementary Education 2018Late July 2018 - Mid June 20191-2$14,190 Open to All
 Asia-Pacific TaiwanTaiwan 2018Early May - Early July4-8$4,500 Florida


 Caribbean BahamasAdvance 2018May - June10-20$2,300 AFAM Network
 Caribbean Dominican RepublicDominican Republic - Upper Midwest 2018May 30 - June 267-10$3,300 Upper Midwest
 Caribbean Dominican RepublicDominican Republic - South Central 2018May 30 - June 267-10$3,400 South Central
 Caribbean Dominican RepublicDominican Republic - Sunland 2018June 27 - July 247-10$3,400 Sunland
 Caribbean Puerto RicoPuerto Rico - Blue Ridge 2018May 30 - June 306-10$3,000 Blue Ridge
 Caribbean Puerto RicoPuerto Rico - Florida 2018Late-May - Mid-June4-8$3,000 Florida
 Caribbean Trinidad & TobagoTrinidad and Tobago 2018Late May to Early July5-7$3,800 Rocky Mountain

Central Asia

 Central Asia Central AsiaCentral Asia 2018Mid June - Late July4-10$4,500 Florida
 Central Asia Central AsiaTheater in Central Asia 2018June 1 - August 1; September 1 - December 101-2$3,000 Open to All
 Central Asia Central AsiaEDU Central Asia 2018May 6 - June 221-5$3,500 Open to All
 Central Asia Central AsiaCentral Asia Medical Outreach 2018Adjustable 1 to 4 weeks1-4$3,750 Open to All


 Eurasia EurasiaBeyond Boundaries 2018May 25 - July 98-12$5,000 Florida


 Europe CroatiaCroatia 2018July 27 - August 125-10$3,000 Northeast
 Europe EnglandManchester International Outreach 2018June 29 - July 141-10$3,300 Open to All
 Europe HungarySIH-Summer Impact Hungary 2018June 2 - June 234-8$4,300 Rocky Mountain
 Europe LithuaniaStudy Abroad Lithuania 1-2 semesters1+$0 Open to All
 Europe LithuaniaEDU Lithuania Summer Language Institute Teachers 2018July 2 - August 21-5$2,600 Open to All
 Europe LithuaniaEDU Lithuania Summer Language Institute Residence Life Staff 2018July 2 - August 21-5$2,600 Open to All
 Europe LithuaniaEDU Lithuania Children/Teen Camp 2018May 28 - July 21-5$2,500 Open to All
 Europe NorwayNorway 2018June 15 - July 206-8$4,500 Open to All
 Europe RomaniaRomania 2018July 7-256-8$3,600 Great Lakes
 Europe SlovakiaSlovakia 2018June 20 - July 92-8$3,800 Pacific Northwest

Middle East - North Africa

 Middle East - North Africa Middle East - North AfricaEDU North Africa 2018June 24 - August 21-6$3,500 Open to All
 Middle East - North Africa Middle East - North AfricaNorth Africa Education Survey 2018March 4-141-6$3,500 Open to All

North America

 North America USAMid-America Short-Term Trips 2018Mid May - Late July4-10$5,000 Mid-America
 North America USAD4D Atlanta 2018July - December 20184-8$7,250 Open to All

Short-Term Missions FAQ

What is an International Campus Partnership (ICP)?
Why should I consider an ICP trip?
Why should I consider a trip other than an ICP from my region?
Should I consider going to a Navigator Summer Training Program before a short-term mission trip?
What is the Short-Term Orientation? Do I have to go?
How do I approach my parents about my desire to join a short-term missions trip?