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Long-Term Opportunities
3+ Years

Long-Term cross-cultural workers have generally done more than adjust to life in another culture—they’ve learned to serve the people of that culture and be ambassadors for Jesus and his Kingdom. They’ve not only become familiar with a local language, but have grown to enjoy the unique ways in which God has blessed their adopted country. Many work alongside Navigator country leaders and national staff. Long-Term couples with children see their kids grow along with them as they gain exposure to another culture.

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 Country DescriptionDurationTeam SizeAges


 Africa Botswana108. Campus Ministry3-5 years230-50+
 Africa East Africa103. Coffee Enterprise3+ years1+20-39
 Africa Gabon106. Campus Ministry5+ years230-50+
 Africa Liberia105. Campus, Community, Business Ministry Pioneer3+ years1+20-39
 Africa Mozambique107. Campus Ministry Pioneer3+ years2+20-49
 Africa Namibia102. Campus Ministry3+ years2+30-39
 Africa West Africa101. Wholistic Ministry3+ years1+20-39
 Africa West Africa104. Wholistic Ministry, Ministry Pioneer3+ years1+20-50+


 Asia-Pacific Cambodia502. Teaching3-5 years1+30-39
 Asia-Pacific Cambodia511. Campus Ministry Pioneer3-5 years1+30-39
 Asia-Pacific Cambodia512. Social Enterprise3-5 years1+20-29
 Asia-Pacific East Asia501. Campus Ministry3+ years1+30-39
 Asia-Pacific Philippines504. Catholic Ministry3+ years1+30-50+
 Asia-Pacific Philippines505. Focus Ministry3+ years1+20-50+
 Asia-Pacific Philippines506. High School Ministry3+ years1+20-39
 Asia-Pacific Philippines507. Campus Ministry3+ years1+20-50+
 Asia-Pacific Philippines508. Wholistic Ministry3+ years1+20-50+
 Asia-Pacific South Asia510. Focus Ministry Pioneer, Enterprise2+ years singles, 5+ years couples1+20-50+
 Asia-Pacific Southeast Asia515. Teaching1+ years1+20-29
 Asia-Pacific Southeast Asia514. Campus Ministry Pioneer5+ years2+30-39
 Asia-Pacific Southeast Asia517. Food Business6-8 years1+20-39
 Asia-Pacific Southeast Asia516. Campus Ministry Pioneer2+ years1+20-29
 Asia-Pacific Taiwan503. Campus Ministry2+ years1+23-50+
 Asia-Pacific Thailand509. Campus Ministry; Pioneering3+ years2+20-29


 Eurasia Central Asia402. Student Ministry2+ years1+20-39
 Eurasia Central Asia401. Enterprise2-5 years1-220-49
 Eurasia Central Asia408. Medicine, Focus Ministry2+ years or short-term1+20-50+
 Eurasia Central Asia403. Teaching2+ years1+20-50+
 Eurasia Central Asia404. Educators and Support Staff1+ years1+20-50+
 Eurasia Central Asia406. Student Ministry2+ years3-420-29
 Eurasia Central Asia407. Business2+ years1-220-50+
 Eurasia Eurasia405. Teaching3+ years220-39
 Eurasia Eurasia409. Student Ministry5+ years220-49


 Europe Croatia301. Student Ministry Pioneer5+ years2+30-39
 Europe Eastern Europe302. Climbing Gym3-5 years230-39

Latin America

 Latin America Chile601. Campus Ministry2+ years1+25-35
 Latin America Peru604. Student Ministry Pioneer1+ years1+20-29
 Latin America Uruguay602. Young Professionals Ministry3+ years220-39
 Latin America Uruguay603. Enterprise3+ years1+20-39

Middle East & North Africa

 Middle East & North Africa Middle East205. Business Professionals Ministry5+ years1+20-39
 Middle East & North Africa Middle East206. Campus Ministry5+ years1+20-29
 Middle East & North Africa North Africa201. International School Educators3+ years1+20-50+
 Middle East & North Africa North Africa202. International School Staff2+ years1+20-29
 Middle East & North Africa North Africa203. Teaching3+ years1+20-49

North America & Caribbean

 North America & Caribbean Dominican Republic704. Regional Leadership5-7 years120-50+
 North America & Caribbean United States701. Mobilizing1-3 years1+20-29
 North America & Caribbean United States702. Mobilizing3+ years1+30-49
 North America & Caribbean United States703. Mobilizing3+ years1+30-49
 North America & Caribbean United States706. Recruiting3+ years1+25-40
 North America & Caribbean USA: Puerto Rico705. Campus Ministry Pioneer5 years2+25-40