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For Parents

As a parent, you have invested an immense amount of time, energy, and care in providing the best for your child. We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with you in developing the individual that God created your student to be. We hope that the information below communicates our heart and desires for your child. However, if you have any hesitations or lingering questions, please feel free to contact us at NavMissions.

At NavMissions we highly value the precious lives of your children. The international environment is uncertain and potentially treacherous. Aware of this reality, we want to assure you that we are committed to the welfare of our staff and volunteers. Although we can never assure a risk-free missions experience, here are some of steps we take to monitor and reduce risks.

All our staff receive thorough and practical training in fundraising. The Navigators are committed to helping individual staff and volunteers raise the finances necessary to accomplish their international assignment.

Short-term missions are an opportunity for college-aged students to put themselves in a position that will challenge and strengthen their character and leadership. It is an opportunity that will prepare them for their future as a mature adult and potential employee.

"Our son, Tim, became involved his freshman year with an organization called 'Navigators.' Who were the 'Navigators'? An obvious concern was 'cults.' Was this one? In due time, all of our concerns were alleviated. We have spent time with many of Tim's Navigator friends, and we have yet to find one we didn't like and/or admire."
Bob and Susie Bastian, Member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives