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When We Started

In the early 1930s Dawson Trotman, the founder of what would soon be called The Navigators, began training servicemen to walk with God in California.  Dawson trained them to not just seek God themselves, but to help others know him as well.  Many of those men were stationed all over the world during World War II.  Dawson’s vision grew during those years as he saw God fulfill promises in people’s lives and understood how His Kingdom could expand to the nations of the world.
In 1948, shortly after World War II in response to a personal challenge from Dawson, Roy Robertson went to China as the first Navigator overseas worker.  He was followed by hundreds of others over the past six decades, including some of those Navigator-trained ex-servicemen who left the U.S. to go back overseas with the message of Christ.
For almost two-thirds of a century, Navigators have ventured to all parts of the globe to live and disciple among the nations.  NavMissions workers are serving on every continent except Antarctica—and we aren’t counting that out!  More and more, we’ve learned to launch people to work and serve overseas in creative ways, including through businesses, among the poor, and in professional capacities—but still to live out Jesus’ Kingdom among the nations.